Albay Provincial Government and Bayan-Anihan: Building Climate Resilient Communities in Albay

Attached is a  presentation on our “New Green Revolution” project called Bayan-Anihan sa Albay. This is a joint venture between Provincial Government of Albay and BayanAnihan (BA) – an organization under the Department of Agriculture (DA) – with target-sharing of: Albay – 1,000 households and BA – 1,500; cum cost sharing po ito with Albay providing inputs worth at P2,000 per household of 2 million pesos while DA will also provide inputs and operating funds. The targets for the initial 2,500 households are  relocation sites, Gawad Kalinga communities and indigenous people / tribal Communities in Tabaco, Tiwi and Polangui. The project  will be sponsoring 100 families from each relocation sites. Eventually, the project will cover 15,000 families.

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This is essentially a supervised backyard food production project. Households will use 10 square meters area and will be provided with inputs and supervised by a Power 5 team (Agriculture Rehabilitation Program Office of Albay Province, Municipal Agriculture Office, Faculty/Student volunteer, BA officer and community leader) that will guide their planting/raising activities. Technology will be climate-compatible, example of which are  organic farming and no inorganic fertilizers. Sustainability will be through organized supervision and involvement of community leadership.

Albay Provincial Government and Bayan-Anihan: Building Climate Resilient Communities in Albay

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6 Responses to Albay Provincial Government and Bayan-Anihan: Building Climate Resilient Communities in Albay

  1. PED Ondiz says:

    this is an impressive project of PGA for climate change adaptation as well as hunger mitigation. It reminds me of the EPP manual i sent to a publisher about Intensive Organic Farming: A Climate Chagne Adaptation. Through this bio-friendly backyard gardening i should say, there would be a year-round food supply in the household w/c is 30% of home budget. The contribution of organic farming to the family extends beyond the pleasure of having fresh vegetables for all seasons because it can be a source of income and food supplements that reduce the cost of transportation and vegetables needed daily available in a piece of land nearby. The 10sq.m space-intensive gardening is more of utilitarian than decorative and could already meet the family’s recommended daily allowance (RDA) for Vitamin A, C, Iron and Calcium and provide a sizeable contribution for Vitamin B complex. GOD BLESS YOU SIR, MORE POWER TO THE HON. GOVERNOR! YOU ARE INDEED THE ANSWERS TO ALBAYANOS NEEDS!

  2. Anne Go says:

    Sir, how may we contact Gov. Salceda for a possible talk in DLSU this January?

  3. Wendell Eria says:


    We would like to know the exact address of the Governor’s office. Also, our company would like to participate in the 3rd lgu summit in davao. Will it be possible?

    Thank you.


    • Office of the Governor
      Albay Provincial Capitol Building
      Legazpi City

      another is:

      Albay Embassy
      904S Tower B, Skyland Plaza,
      2302 Sen. Gil Puyat Ave. cor. Tindalo St.,
      Makati City

  4. mazusano says:

    a no non-nonsense, results-oriented project. easy to do yet high-impact. thanks for this.

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